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Frountier Plank

Frountier Plank

Bruce® Frontier™

You’ll find two distinct hand-scraped looks in the Bruce Frontier Collection. The hickory hardwood series features a rustic scrape that fits well in the southwestern region of the U.S. The alternative to the rustic scrape is a softer, more subtle hand-scrape, offered in birch. This less rustic style is popular on the West Coast. All the flooring options in this collection have an engineered wood structure.

Hickory – Available in six popular colors. Three solid colors and three colors that have been enhanced with a color brushing treatment. Plank size: 5” with a 3/8” thickness.
Birch – These floors feature a softer grain and lighter hand-scraping effect. Plank size: 5” with a 1/2” thickness.

Unique Fact
The color brushing treatment in the hickory line accentuates the graining in the hickory, adds a unique color dimension and draws attention to the hand-sculpted scraping of the planks.