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Colors and Styles of Laminate Flooring

Although laminate can be made into any shape and with any appearance, it is almost always made to resemble existing hardwood, tile, stone, marble or other patterns. The wide majority of laminate sold and produced uses wood patterns, but while most laminate stone and tile doesn't have the range of selection that you might find in luxury vinyl tile, it is an excellent and extremely durable option if you find a pattern you like.

Laminate is a Great Alternative to Wood Flooring

But if you're looking for a wood pattern, laminate offers an unlimited array of options. Not only that, but while hardwood species vary in price due to availability, an exotic laminate pattern is just as inexpensive as a regular oak design. However, not all patterns are available in all price ranges, you'll typically find the most patterns in the mid-priced floors, and more fashionable patterns in the highest-priced floors.

Decorating the Room With Laminate Floors

One key point to consider when selecting a design is the mood of the room. If the floor will be in an area with a very formal appearance with lots of white, you may want to consider a light colored floor, like bright tile, natural maple or ash, bamboo, or a whitewashed design. If it will go in a room with lots of bright, bold colors and a very fashionable design, consider taking advantage of laminate's natural affordability and pick an exotic wood pattern like Brazilian Cherry, Tali, Santos Mahogany or even a bold dark wood like Wenge. If it will be in a room with a warm, relaxed, lived-in appearance, then pick a design like oak, cherry, hickory or walnut. The possibilities are vast, but if you take the time to examine your options, the odds are good that you'll find a floor that makes the statement you want.
If you want a floor with a rustic, historic appearance, then there are some guidelines to keep in mind. Generally, wide-plank floors with beveled edges are the best choice, particularly ones labeled as rustic or aged. Additionally, if you pay a little more, some of the newest laminates have the look of hand-scraped hardwood, giving your floor the instant appearance of old, worn planks like in an old cabin or historic home with the benefits of modern technological advances.