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Flexitec Vinyl

  • Why Flexitec Vinyl

    Flexitec has introduced a unique cushioned vinyl flooring that combines great looks with ever-lasting durability.

    Flexitec luxury vinyl has an exceptional molecular structure that can be used in an infinite number of applications. It is a very flexible material that creates a world of flooring opportunities. In recent years, great progress in technology has enhanced the performance of vinyl flooring. Flexitec has several different properties that makes it unique in the vinyl industries.

    Flexitec vinyl can be installed using a loose lay method (NO Adhesive)for up to 25 sqyds of installed material. This installation process is possible thanks to a fiberglass layer that add strength and flexibility. The product will not contract, expand, crack or curl. Warmth and comfort is provided by a luxurious cushion backing supporting the vinyl and offering a base for indentation resistance.

    Since Flexitec is offered in 13' 2" width there are fewer seams where moisture and dirt can hide, bacteria is virtually elinimated and house-mites do not stand a chance.

    Best of all thanks to QuickClean and the Super Guard wearlayer your floor will resist stains and scuffs better than any other floor.

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