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  • A Guide To Vinyl Flooring Warranties

    [inset]These are extremely general guidelines. Not all these warranties will apply to every product. Warranty terms vary from product to product, and you should always check to find your product's specific warranty information.[/inset]

    Rip / Tear / Gouge

    Guarantees that the vinyl won't be ripped apart, torn open, or have holes gouged into it through normal household use. This does not cover any damage arising from the installation, intentional damage done or other rough treatment, like kids or pets damaging the floor, dragging furniture or other heavy objects across it without the proper safety precautions, vacuum or beater bar damage, fire damage and any other damage not caused by normal, everyday traffic.


    Guarantees that the vinyl won't experience permanent indentations from normal household usage. This typically covers foot traffic and furniture that has been covered with appropriate flooring protectors. Does not usually cover damage done from installation, rough treatment or intentional abuse.

    Discoloration / Moisture Damage

    Most manufacturers warrant against discoloration or staining that comes from mold and mildew damage or underlayment panels. This covers most normal damage from everyday usage, though damage from flooding, water leaks and other causes of extreme water damage is not covered. Additionally, this warranty almost always only covers one replacement. If the replacement floor is damaged, they won't replace it again. Some manufacturers also warrant against discoloration and fading from sunlight or heat, but others do not. Be sure to check whether fading from light or heat is covered by your product's warranty.

    Stains / Scuffs

    This warranty says that the product will not experience permanent discoloration from one or more of the following: common household stains, outdoor stains like asphalt, permanent scuff marks from shoes, yellowing from mats backed with latex or rubber. Specific product warranties may vary, so check which ones your product covers. Generally, this warranty will not include floors that have not been cared for as instructed by the manufacturer or damage from strong dyes, chemicals or fertilizer. Other exceptions may apply.


    Guarantees that the floor will not wear through from normal foot traffic. The amount of traffic warranted by the manufacturer will vary, check for your product's wear rating.

    Manufacturing Defects

    Warrants against any flaws found in the product before installation. Does not usually cover small variations in color or pattern, and does not cover floors that have been installed. Make sure a qualified professional checks your floor for any and all defects before installation begins.

  • Why Laminate Warranties May Not Be As Important As You Think

    Laminate warranties are not as important as other factors. Because laminate is a strong material by design and nearly all products are held to strict standards, most all laminates will have a long life. That said, beware any laminates with a warranty less than 10 years. Most laminates that meet the bare minimum requirements for flooring will be strong enough to last 10 years, and a floor that doesn't promise at least that much may have problems or defects.

    At the same time, however, a laminate may be warranted for a long time, but with certain loopholes in the warranty that limit their liability. In general, expect the following guidelines in a warranty:


    Guarantees that the color of the floor will not change from exposure to sunlight or normal household electric lighting.


    Guarantees that the floor will not permanently stain from typical household usage. This **
    warranty will not cover moisture damage, and in order to qualify, you must follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

    Manufacturing Defects

    Guarantees that the floor will not contain any defects before installation. This warranty will not cover flooring already installed or damage incurred through shipping, so be sure to inspect all flooring and packaging thoroughly before installing it. This warranty may be shorter than the length of other warranties, be sure to check with the manufacturer regarding your specific product.

    Moisture Damage

    Guarantees that the flooring will not experience warping or discoloration from moisture damage from proper mopping and everyday spills. This warranty will not include damage arising from excess exposure to water, like flooding, leaks, pet urine, etc. It also does not cover moisture damage coming from beneath the floor, so be sure to use underlayment that meets all the manufacturer's specifications (often found in the warranty) to protect your floor from moisture damage arising from the subfloor.


    This warranty specifies that your floor's laminated surface will not wear through. This will not cover damage caused by reduction of gloss, household accidents, vacuuming without using a wand or brush attachment, or any other improper usage.

    Joint Damage

    Guarantees that the floor will not come apart or create gaps between the pieces. This will not cover planks that have been repeatedly removed from the joint during or after installation of the floor.

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